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Paris bus and metro tickets

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For occasional visits in Paris & the suburbs buy a "Ticket T+" each time (1,90 EUR) or a book of 10 tickets (14,90 EUR adults, 7,45 EUR children from 4–10, under 4 years old the children travel free). This ticket can be bought at the station and in the "tabac" (cigarette shops). The "Ticket T+" is usable for 1h30 with unlimited trips between metros only OR bus & tramways only. You can’t do metro & bus. The tickets have to be validated each time you get on.

For most of the stays buying a pass is the cheapest way. It is valid in the zones indicated for bus, metro & tramway, RER (regional railway) and also the cable car in Montmartre. They can be bought in the metro stations.

1) Adults

For a 4 to 7–day stay the most economical is the "Navigo Semaine". For zones 1 to 5 it is 22,80 EUR for the week. Note: It is valid from Monday morning to Sunday evening and you will need to buy a "Passe Navigo Découverte" for 5 euros. This pass is for life & is rechargeable but you must provide a identity photo or a copy (3cm tall x 2.5cm wide).

For a stay less than 3 days or for a stay straddling the 2 weeks it is better to buy a daily "Mobilis" for zones 1 & 2 for 7,50 EUR (no picture required).

2) Children from 4-12: Choose "Paris Visite" zone "Paris Centre" at 6 EUR for 1 day, 9,75 EUR for 2 days, 13,30 EUR for 3 days & 19,15 EUR for 5 days (no photo needed).

Note: There is a ticket specially created for young people under 26 called "Ticket Jeunes week-end". It is valid only for Saturdays, Sundays & Bank holidays and costs 4,10 EUR zones 1-3, 8,95 EUR zones 1-5 (no photo needed). The airport connections are not includded.

Airports: This is more complicated… Roissy is in zone 5 and Orly is zone 4. For Roissy I would advise you to take the RER at 10,30 EUR (7,20 EUR for children, this is a train which serves Paris & the suburbs). At Orly there is the "Orlybus" which is 10,20 EUR.

Buying a pass should be cheaper. Up to you to decide the best option. Look closely as your pass can also cover Versailles (zone 4) & Disney (zone 5).

For your information:
- "Mobilis" is 25,25 EUR for zones 1-5 
- "Paris Visite" for Kids zone "Paris + suburb + airports" at 12,65 EUR for 1 day, 19,15 EUR for 2 days, 26,85 EUR for 3 days & 32,90 EUR for 5 days. 

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