Underground & bus: Which ticket? (Valid from 1/6/2023)

Your holiday rental is in the zone 1.

The pricing of public transport in Paris is extremely complex. On this page, I’ve tried to describe as simply as possible the different options for traveling less than 10 days in Paris and the Paris region.

Since 2023 you need a magnetic card (“Navigo Easy” or “Navigo Découverte”) on which you load an e-ticket or a travel pass.

Cards, tickets and passes can be purchased at metro stations and certain approved shops such as cigarette shops.


This magnetic card, valid for 10 years, costs 2 € and is not personal (no name or photo). Every passenger must have a card, except children who travel free of charge.
These tickets can be loaded onto the card:
– T+ Tickets,
– Orlybus and Roissybus,
– “Navigo jour” pass (day ticket),
– “Navigo Jeunes week-end” pass.


This magnetic card, valid for life, costs 5 €. It is personal (please bring a passport photo, but a photocopy will do!). These tickets can be loaded onto the card:
– “Navigo jour” pass (day ticket),
– “Navigo semaine” pass (weekly ticket),
– “Navigo Jeunes week-end” pass.

Please note that for technical reasons, paper tickets are always sold for:
– one-way train or RER journeys between Paris and the suburbs (this ticket is called an “origin-destination” ticket (point-to-point), e.g. to Roissy CDG airport, Disneyland or the Château de Versailles),
– the “Paris Visite” pass (for tourists) (don’t forget to write your name on it).


For occasional visits in Paris & the suburbs buy a “T+ Ticket” each time (2,10 €) or 10 tickets (16,90 € adults, 8,45 € children from 4–10, under 4 years old the children travel free). The “T+ Ticket” is usable for 1h30 with unlimited trips between metros/RER only OR between buses only OR between bus & tramways only. You can’t do metro & bus. The tickets have to be validated each time you board a bus or tramway by passing the card in front of the reader. The “T+ Ticket” is also valid for the cable car in Montmartre.


– Paris > Disneyland Paris : 5 € (adult), 2,50 € (child).
– Paris > Château de Versailles : 4,05 € (adult), 2 € (child).


For most of the stays buying a pass is the cheapest way. It is valid in the zones indicated for bus, metro & tramway, RER (regional railway) and also the cable car in Montmartre.

1) Adults
For a stay less than 3 days or for a stay straddling the 2 weeks it is better to buy a “Navigo Jour”: zones 1 & 2 at 8,45 €, zones 1 to 3 at 11,30 €, zones 1 to 4 at 14 €, zones 1 to 5 at 20,10 €.

For a 4 to 7–day stay the most economical is the “Navigo Semaine”. For zones 1 to 5 it is 30 € for the week. Note: It is valid from Monday morning to Sunday evening, no reduced rate.

2) Children from 4-12: Choose “Paris Visite” zone “Paris Centre” at 6,75 € for 1 day, 11 € for 2 days, 15,05 € for 3 days and 21,65 € for 5 days. The “Paris Visite enfants” (children) zone “Paris – banlieue – aéroports” (Paris + suburb + airports) is at 14,25 € 1 day, 21,65 € 2 days, 30,35 € 3 days and 37,15 € 5 days. No photo needed.

3) Under 26
There is a ticket specially created for young people under 26 called “Navigo Jeunes week-end”. It is valid only for Saturdays, Sundays & Bank holidays and costs 4,60 € zones 1-3, 10,10 € zones 1-5. No photo needed but you will need to buy a “Passe Navigo Easy” for 2 € (this pass is for life and is rechargeable).

4) Airports: This is more complicated… Roissy is in zone 5 and Orly is zone 4. For Roissy I would advise you to take the RER at 11,45 € (8 € for children, this is a train which serves Paris & the suburbs). At Orly there is the “Orlybus” which is 11,20 € (you can buy up to 3 tickets on board the bus using your credit card).

For more info:

Night bus

If you have missed the last underground train (1h30 Fridays & Saturdays, 00h30 weekdays) rather than take a taxi I would advise you to take the Night Bus called the “Noctilien”. It is a network of 42 lines which run around Paris after the underground has closed. To get back to the apartment take the bus no N14 which runs every 10 mins Fridays & Saturdays & 30 mins the rest of the week.
Plan of night buses

For more info:


Every Parisien will tell you: if you don’t book in advance it will not be easy to find a taxi in the street. If the light on top is on and looks like this it is free.
Taxi Paris

If not don’t bother to run after it as it will be taken!
For your info : The minimum charge is 7,30 €.
The main booking center in Paris is “Taxi G7” and covers 9000 cars.

There is a price calculator on 
The price from Roissy CDG airport to your apartment for 4 passengers on a Friday afternoon is 53 € (flat rate fee), from Orly airport 37 € (flat rate fee), from Paris Nord or Paris Est train station between 20 & 30 €, from Gare de Lyon or Montparnasse train station between 30 and 40 €.

If you are between 5 and 7 passengers you have to ask for a « MaxiCab ». There is a 4 € extra charge per person beyond 4 persons.

Book online here or dial 01 41 27 66 99 (service in English).
The booking fee is 4 € for immediate departure and 7 € if you book up to 14 days in advance.

PRIVATE SHUTTLES: Recently new dynamic hi-tech companies compete with taxis by offering new innovative services. And good surprise: the rates are good!

For example here are the prices with MARCEL for a transfer to your property:

– from Roissy CDG Airport: 43 € (1/4 passengers), 70 € (5/7 passengers),
– from Orly Airport: 35 € (1/4 pax), 60 € (5/7 pax),
– from « Gare du Nord » or « Gare de l’Est » train station: 15 € (1/4 pax), 30 € (5/7 pax),
– from Gare de Lyon : 22 € (1/4 pax), 31 € (5/7 pax),
– from Gare Montparnasse : 23 € (1/4 pax), 33 € (5/7 pax).

Average selling price found for a reservation made at least 48 hours ahead.

How to get to the property from Roissy CDG airport

Roissy CDG airport is situated 25 km northeast of Paris. Here are directions to your holiday rental:


– Take the RER (Regional Express Railway) B line to Paris “Gare du Nord” station,
– Then take the subway line 4 – get off at “Porte de Clignancourt” (last stop),
– Walk from 5 to 10 minutes from there.
Duration: about 1 hour
Cost (one way) : 10,30 € for an adult, 7,20 € for a child

Duration: between 25 and 35 minutes
Cost : 53 € for 1-4 passengers, there is a 4 € extra charge per person beyond 4 persons. (From 1/3/2016 taxis taking passengers to and from Paris airports have to charge a flat rate fee).

It’s a great alternative to taxis with a big advantage: your driver will be waiting for you at the entrance to baggage claim. Do not stand in endless lines for getting a taxi! The MARCEL company charges 43 € (1/4 passengers) or 70 € (5/7 passengers). Really good!

– take the A1 motorway towards “Paris / Porte de la Chapelle”,
– continue along “Périphérique Ouest”
– exit at “Porte de Clignancourt”. Duration: between 25 and 35 minutes 

How to get to the property from Orly airport

Orly airport is situated 12 km South of Paris. Here are directions to your holiday rental:

– Take the “Orlybus” special bus to Paris “Denfert Rochereau” station (this is the last stop),
– Then take the subway line 4 – get off at “Porte de Clignancourt” (last stop).
– Walk from 5 to 10 minutes from there.
Duration: about 1 hour
Cost (one way) : 11,40 € for an adult

The other options (OrlyVal, Tramway, bus 183, RER C) are more expensive or they take much longer.

Duration: between 40 and 55 minutes
Cost : 37 € for 1-4 passengers, there is a 4 € extra charge per person beyond 4 persons. (From 1/3/2016 taxis taking passengers to and from Paris airports have to charge a flat rate fee).

PRIVATE SHUTTLES: More expensive than the taxis for Orly Airport

– Take the motoway A6 A or A6 B direction “Paris”,
– Circle around Paris with the ring road,
– Exit at “Porte de Clignancourt”.
Duration: between 40 and 55 minutes

How to get to the property from Beauvais airport

Beauvais airport is situated 80km north of Paris. Here are directions to your holiday rental:

– Take the shuttle service to Paris (“Porte Maillot” bus station).
One way ticket is 17 € at the bus tickets sales point and 15,90 € online, 9,90 € for kids aged between 4 and 11, children under 3 can travel free.

The journey takes 1h15 and the shuttle leaves 25min after landing.
For schedules and more information check

– From “Porte Maillot” bus station walk to the metro station (line 1) and take the metro to “Concorde” (direction “Château de Vincennes”).
Then take the line 12 in the direction of “Aubervilliers” and get off at “Jules Joffrin”. Walk 7 minutes from there.
– On the way back the shuttle leaves “Porte Maillot” bus station 3h before flight departure time.

From 150 €. Very expensive…

Duration: between 1h and 1h15 minutes. Having a gps or a good map is recommended…

How to get to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is located 40 km east of the city of Paris.

How to get there:


PUBLIC TRANSPORT (the best solution!)
– walk to “Porte de Clignancourt” metro station,
– take the line 4 and get off at “les Halles”,
– take the RER (Regional Express Railway) A line to “Marne la Vallée – Chessy”.
Duration: about 1 hour
Cost (one way): 7,60 € for an adult, 3,80 € for a child


Duration: between 45 minutes and 1h15
Cost : between 80 and 100 € for 1-4 passengers, between 90 and 110 € for 5-7 passengers. Please note that taking a taxi can be very expensive especially if you get stuck in a traffic jam.


Many companies offer a shuttle service on the internet. The rates are usually cheaper than with a taxi and are fixed. The fixed fee is charged even if there are traffic jams (not uncommon). The MOUV’EO company charges 70 € (1/3 passengers), 85 € (4/5 passengers) or 100 € (6/8 passengers).


During school holidays, there is less traffic and you can try to drive there: it should be a bit quicker, a lot friendlier, but the car park costs 20 €. 
– take the ring road “périphérique intérieur – Porte de la Chapelle”
– close to “Porte de Bercy” take the exit “A4 – Metz”,
– take the exit 14 “Parc Disney”
Duration: between 45 minutes and 1h15

Parking in Paris

Paris is well known for its lights, museums & romantic spots but not for its parking spaces. And the reason: between 2002 & 2015 the capital lost 30 000 places making it impossible in certain areas especially at night. The good news is, there is a secured free parking space at the guest house or one of the unusual flats during your stay. So here is short survival guide in case you decide despite all this to come to the capital by car.


This is certainly the quickest solution to find a parking place where you can leave the car indefinitely. These car parks are shown on the plan of Paris inside the apartment by a “P” on a blue background.

It costs from 3 € – 5 € per hour (you can pay by cash) but pay attention to the maximum height (between 1.85m & 2.20m, check before on , ou

For your info below is a specialized internet site which allows you to compare the rates and book online. 


Instinctively you think that this is easier than underground parking but in fact it is the opposite… 

– The picture shows an authorized parking spot. If you park elsewhere you may get a fine.
– The payment is made at a parking meter by credit card or with the PayByPhone app.

 Place stationnement Paris Prix stationnement Paris

From 2015 parking is now payable all year round from Monday – Saturday from 9am – 8pm and free from 8pm – 9am, all day Sunday and on bank holidays. It costs 6 € an hour in the 1st – 11th district and 4 € in the 12th – 20th district. Parking is also limited to 2 hrs in the same place.

The parking fine for non-payment or going over the 2hrs in an authorised parking space is from 50 € to 75 €. It can go as high as 135 € for illegal or dangerous parking, with an extra fine of 150 € to tow the car away and 29 € per day at the car pound. Don’t underestimate their efficiency! 250 000 vehicles are removed every year (one every 2 minutes) at any time day or night.

“Crit’Air” stickers

These stickers are the latest attempt from Paris authorities to crack down on pollution, essentially by stopping old polluting cars from driving at peak times.
From 15/1/2017 vehicles driven in Paris and its suburb – even foreign cars in the city for a short period – should display a Crit’Air sticker between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

The area is inside the ring road “A86”.
Zone vignette Critair ParisVignette Critair Paris tax sticker

To order a Crit’Air sticker, log on to the official website

The sticker’s price is 3.67 € plus postage and it is sent send to the address specified in the vehicle registration document. A proof of application and the classification of your vehicle are sent by email within 4 hours while you are waiting to receive your certificate by post.

Something to know about:
– No sticker is needed to drive in Paris between 8pm and 8am, and on the week-end.
– The car driver who will not respect the interdiction will pay a fine of 68 Euro
– Depending on pollution levels, only cars with appropriately coloured stickers will be allowed into the centre of the city.
– The sticker is also mandatory for vehicles NOT registered in France.
– Other French cities like Lyon and Grenoble also use the “Crit’Air” sticker.

Touristic tours

>> Coach & Bus tours with audio commentary (“Paris the Day”, “Paris by night” etc) see the offers on
Not especially cheap or authentic but with frequent departures. Tours to suit everyone’s taste.

>> “Open tour” offers trips around Paris on double decker open top busses. With 4 circuits & 50 stops you can get on and off at your leisure. An amusing & supple formula which will delight the photographers. 1-day pass 34 €, 2-day pass 38 €, children 17 € for the 4-11 year olds for 2 days. For more info:
Other companies offer the same service: Big Bus ( and Foxity (  

>> Boat trips: “Batobus”. 8 trips along the river allowing you to visit all the principal touristic spots. Every 20 – 25 minutes according to the season.
Adults 1-day pass 17 € (8 € up to 16 years old), 2-day pass 19 € (10 € up to 16 years old).
For more info:

>> Discover Paris in a 2CV Citroen with “4 Roues sous un Parapluie”


Bicycle trips

Since 2007 the town of Paris has proposed the possibility to hire 20 000 velos (bicycles) in 1 400 different locations: This system is called “Vélib”. This system was originally destined for short trips from home to work but they can now be rented for the day (pay by credit card from where you first take the bike):

– all trips less than 30 minutes cost 1 EUR (mechanical bike) or 2 EUR (electric bike),
– over that it is 1 EUR for each half-an-hour (mechanical bike) or 2 EUR (electric bike).

The Velib is a great way and cheap to discover the city of Paris.

Note: only credit cards with built-in chips are accepted by the terminals. Credit cards with magnetic strip are not accepted.

Without being a partypooper or a wet blanket!! (which is really not at all the way of the house! ) I must ask you to pay attention to the following:
– The velos (bicycles) are for adults & not children under 12, 
– Paris is not like Amsterdam & quite hilly & steep in parts (Montmartre & Belleville)
– the traffic is dangerous & each year dozens of cyclists are killed. You must use the cycling paths, & the pedestrian areas (Beaubourg, Les Halles) and special areas designated to walkers & cyclists on Sunday from 09h -18h (“Les Berges de la Seine”, “Canal St Martin” etc.).

For more info: